Sophie Schneider

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Urban Live in Living Laboratory

I developed this project as an independent study with a team of engineering and art students. This project investigated the application of naturally driven, closed loop, human support systems to more efficiently source and utilize water, energy, and food. Transitioning from conventional design and linear production we introduced closed-loop systems in which the waste of one system provides input for another—minimizing environmental impact and reliance on imported materials.

Suitable for implementation in existing buildings in New York City, our initial systems centered on retrofit to single apartments with minimal disruption during installation and operation. This concept apartment sought to illustrate the practicality of such systems through a conversation that engages and educates the community.

This project was done in collaboration with Ariana Freitag, Gabriel Frasier, James Ngai, Jessica Martinez, Kirsten Ondris, Peter Manos, Sanjeev Menon, and Sun Kim. Project was advised by Toby Cumberbatch.