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Climate Conversation Series

I co-organized a virtual lecture series launched in March 2020 that aimed to foster intimate conversations with a network of experts and enthusiasts about the intersection of their work with climate. The online lecture series was open to Cooper Union students, alumni, and guests of the speakers. A full list of the climate conversation series can be found below.

September 10, 2020: Sam Anderson, The Last White Rhinos
September 3, 2020: Natania Meeker & Antonia Szabari, Radical Botany
August 27, 2020: Dr. Erum Sattar, The Geopolitics of Climate Change and Building Dams
August 20, 2020: Scott Z. Burns on Climate Storytelling
August 13, 2020: Cecilia de Corral on Design/Build at Brooklyn Grange
August 6, 2020: Ingrid Burrington, The Future is on the Rocks
July 30, 2020: Esther M. Choi, The Unsustainable Sublime
July 23, 2020: Austin Wade Smith on Ecological Networks
July 2, 2020: Elisa Iturbe, Overcoming Carbon Form
June 27, 2020: Jessica Martinez, Christien Vargas, and Ana Hierro, Agroecological Farming Principles
June 18, 2020: Cornelia Walther, POZE: Social Change from the Inside Out
June 4, 2020: Anna Mayer, In the Wake of Fire
May 28, 2020: Gernot Wagner, Climate Success in the Era of COVID-19
May 21, 2020: Matthew Hayek, Reducing Emissions by Reshaping Food Systems
May 14, 2020: Tamen Jadad Garcia, What if We Pursued More ‘Enough’?
May 7, 2020: Rachel Riederer and Abby Rabinowitz, The Psychology of Climate Change and COVID-19
April 30, 2020: Amanda Simson, An Introduction to Birdwatching
April 23, 2020: Race & Climate Change Reading Group Meeting
April 9, 2020: Jessica Martinez, Jasper Kerbs, and Kit Nicholls, A Discussion on Growing Your Own Food & Composting