Sophie Schneider

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Center for Employment Opportunities

I worked on this project as part of Cooper Union’s Data Science for Social Good Class with a small team of engineers and an art student. This project includes two visualizations designed using data sets provided by Center for Employment Opportunities, a nonprofit that works to support individuals recently released from prison in building a career and finding financial stability.

The first visualization is a large flow chart that was installed at The Cooper Union in the Spring of 2019. The piece explores the paths and obstacles that participants might face while advancing through the Center for Employment Opportunities program. The scale and layout of the visualization are meant to overwhelm the viewer, mimicking some of the feeling that participants might feel while facing dozens of obstacles through the process of obtaining employment. 

The second visualization includes unique booklets that highlight the pathways of 24 participants through Center for Employment Opportunities program. The booklets include the participant's demographic information, successful and failed job interviews, hourly wage of job offers, insurance and benefits of job offers, and the overall outcome of the participant in the Center for Employment Opportunities program.

The back side of each booklet includes statistics and information to put the individual’s journey in context to the cost of living in New York City and average statistics that relate to the challenges that participants in the Center for Employment Opportunities program face.

Project was done in collaboration with Aden Bailey and Ariana Freitag.